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after-sale service

"Quality first, customer first, and products strictly comply with national standards.".

During the warranty period of the product, strictly implement the relevant statements and implement the "three guarantees" service.

If an accident occurs due to the product quality itself, it will bear all economic losses caused thereby.

Our company solemnly promises to users based on the concept of "high-quality service, considerate service, and reasonable price" and the principle of responsible disclosure:

1. The products provided by our company to users guarantee that the goods are technologically advanced, mature, and reliable; The product strictly complies with relevant national standards or is superior to national standards.

Our company has a complete marketing network and after-sales service system, has established multiple offices and liaison agencies, and has established a dedicated national free service hotline: 400-7676188 0635-7226888, which can achieve 7 × 24-hour response service. Our company will respond promptly within 12 hours after receiving the notification and arrive at the site within 36 hours.

According to user requirements, our company can send professional technical personnel to guide the installation and laying on site.

4. Our company bears the responsibility for the quality and safety risks during the transportation of goods as agreed in the contract.

5. Our company welcomes your appointment of a supervision representative to conduct supervision and inspection, and is willing to provide convenience for the supervision representative in work and life.

6. Our company strictly performs the seller's obligations and guarantees to perform the contract in accordance with quality and quantity.

7. Our company visits customers or conducts follow-up investigation activities from time to time, in order to timely grasp and solve the problems encountered by users during the use of the product, and continuously improve the service level.