What are the characteristics of mineral insulated cables

2023-03-27 13:06

The copper sheath of mineral cables has high corrosion resistance, and for most equipment, it does not require additional safety precautions. In areas where the copper sheath of cable is prone to chemical erosion or serious industrial production leakage, mineral cables should be maintained with a plastic outer sheath.

"I firmly believe that after reading the previous article, everyone often has a necessary grasp of the characteristics of mineral cables. Nowadays, along with the development trend of social development, reform and innovation have also been carried out in China's cable industry. Mineral cables are also a very common main use, and I firmly believe that there will be more common main uses in the future development trend.".

The fireproof cable is composed of a cable with a high conductivity operating frequency, a lightweight magnesium oxide, and a seamless copper tube silicone sleeve. The ambient temperature of fireproof cables is very high, which can reach hundreds of millions of degrees Celsius in a short time. When there is a problem with the distribution line and the ambient temperature suddenly increases, using mineral grounding control circuits can ensure the continuous operation of the distribution line. What are the characteristics of fireproof cables?

1) Fireproof materials:

The second class materials used in fireproof cables are copper and lightweight magnesium oxide, which are organic compounds. This type of cable is not easy to burn or combust as a combustion aid, and it can still be used continuously in necessary conditions near sparks. The copper protective sleeve is melted at 1083 ℃, while the lightweight magnesium oxide thermal conductive material is solidified at 3200 ℃.

2) High liquid nitrogen temperature

The temperature of the heat-resistant connecting liquid nitrogen of the fireproof cable is as high as hg 300 ℃. However, in emergency situations, the cable can be used continuously for a short period of time at an ambient temperature close to the melting of the copper protective sleeve.

3) Long service life

The organic material used in fireproof cables can ensure that the cables have stability, long service life, and fire resistance.

4) Riot resistance

The relatively highly compressed thermal conductive material in fireproof cables can prevent steam heating, air, and sparks from being utilized between the facility components connected to the cable.

5) Small outer diameter

The direct diameter of fireproof cables is smaller than other cables with the same set current.

6) Waterproof material

If the fireproof cable is fully immersed in water and its seamless alloy protective sleeve is used, the fireproof cable can be used continuously.

7) High tensile strength

Fireproof cables are high-quality and inexpensive, and can withstand severe mechanical damage without easily damaging their mechanical strength.

8) Equipment requires large ampacity, etc

For cables with the same cross-section, fireproof cables transmit higher AC power than other types of cables. At the same time, fireproof cables can also withstand equivalent overload protection.

9) Short circuit rated voltage

Under the same ambient temperature, the short circuit rated voltage of fireproof cables is significantly higher than that of other types of cables.

10) Grounding protection

For fireproof cables, independent grounding protection strands are unnecessary because the copper protective sleeve used for this cable already functions as a grounding protection strand, ensuring excellent low ground resistance. For ground protection skin circuit (HPC) wiring, in MEN (multi ground protection weak acid) systems, external copper protective sleeves can be used for ground protection and weak acid insulators.

12) High corrosion resistance

The copper protective sleeve of fireproof cables has a high corrosion resistance, and for most installations, it does not require additional specific preventive measures. In places where the copper protective sleeve of the cable is vulnerable to chemical corrosion or manufacturing dust, the outer protective sleeve wrapped with foam plastic shall be used to protect the fireproof cable.