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High voltage YJV, YJLV copper core (aluminum core) cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable


High voltage YJV, YJLV copper core (aluminum core) XLPE insulated power cable

Product features: XLPE insulated power cable has good thermal-mechanical properties, excellent electrical, chemical corrosion resistance, but also has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, laying and no drop limit. The insulation of the cable adopts cross-linked polyethylene, which greatly improves the mechanical properties of polyethylene and maintains excellent electrical performance.1. Internal polymer sheath, moisture, waterproof; 2. High voltage cable internal smooth, flexible, will not cut the inner sheath, in the factory galvanized steel belt, suffer large external pressure and impact force, it is not easy to be broken, improve the safety performance; 3. With corrosion resistance, solar aging resistance, cold resistance, explosive resistance, long life and other characteristics.

Application areas: widely used in urban power grids, mines and chemical plants.